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Julia Hofmann was born in 1978 in Heilbronn, Germany. She studied sinology, then photography and graphic design in Germany and China. Since her sinology studies, she has started to live between China and Germany. In 2007 she moved to Beijing. Since 2016 she is living in Berlin over half of the year.


Under the influence of journalistic photography studies, her initial projects explore different aspects of chinese and german society (projects about Chinas mentally challenged, Tibetan refugees in India, Beijing’s demolition of the old quarters, women in Germany after retirement.


In recent years she turned towards a more abstract and conceptual stile. By exploring her own inner state of mind and topics around her through photography she is addressing various issues of a wider society. Themes are often set around “culture“, “belonging“ and “happiness“.

The photographs are deliberately leaving the viewer space for reflection and exchange: „Blurred“, 2015 is about the search for one’s own meanings and ideas in life. „Between everyday lifes“ explores life between the german and the chinese culture. „Realities“, 2017 is dealing with the relation of one’s environment and the inner state of mind.


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