About me

Julia Hofmann

I am Julia Hofmann, a designer for graphic & web as well as a photographer. I live in Berlin and Beijing. As a designer, I work for german and international companies, start-ups and self-employed clients. Many of these projects are creating a connection between different cultures. I often design two or multilingual texts and like to use Asian elements in my creations. As much as I love the colourful chaos in Asian cities, in my design I stick to a clean visual language. In the last years, I discovered book and web design for myself. As a passionate reader, I love to set text and design the book cover accordingly. After I finished a web development course last year I also work on Webdesign projects. I am a photographer for many years and like to offer design and photography as a package to my clients. Photography is something I not only do for clients, but I also work on personal art projects, especially in analogue photography. My work as an artist can be found here:

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